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Fun video post.

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Hello all,

I haven’t posted a video in a while soooooooo….. Here is a video from a warm spell last week. It’s FREEZING NOW so we made the most of the warm training weather! We (Some members of M.A.D.) were visiting a friend in Boston after we finished up shooting the horror movie that “Booyeah” Megan’s dog (Malinois) is in. The name of the movie is Terrace St. Check out Megan and Booyeah and our work at www.terracest.com

We are always looking for strange and unique places to train. This time it was only the streets of Boston. Remember that we are from the woods of Maine so the city was a different experience for these hounds. Again, the city is nothing big but different for our dogs.

We left the sound in the background under the music so you can hear the traffic and trains (behind the stone wall wile Hooligan is doing bite work.) The video is nothing special. We were just messin around and training. We have a TON of young Bulldogs in the club and we like to show folks what these Bulldogs are capable of.

I hope you all enjoy the video especially the ending! It is a favorite of mine!


Safe training,
Chris Fraize
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Megan and Booyeah....need your autograph & paw print! ...can't wait to see the movie!

Hoolie...what a mug! Austin...love that sweet boy!

thedogmother :wink:
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