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Brooklyn is my ABPT she is 9 mnths old. She seems to be loosing fur. Around her eyes, there is starting to be less and less hair there, also on the right side of her head she is loosing hair.

Ever since after her first heat (she is to be spayed soon) she is not acting as she used to. Very sleepy, when we take her outside she runs and acts like normal. But when we are inside, she is always really calm...not like usual. Does this have anything to do with the fur loss? Or is this normal after first heat for females to lose some of their energy?

I really hate going to the vet, because they charge me an arm and a leg for medication and other things that is probably not even necessary. I would really like to see what you guys would say. Or if anyone has had this experience before.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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