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Thanks everyone lol shes NUTS!!!!!!!!
and omg like goats!!! I came home a few months ago to lookin Bax right in the eyes..he was standing on the kitchen table lol ...dork!
Bax was sick the last few days...found out what was wrong today he really had me scared
He threw up the day before yesterday two times and a lot...and he was having bm's so I figured ok no blockage...thennn he stopped eating and all that...took him to vet yesterday she said she didnt feel anything? and we could xray or wait it out a day...took him off food till this morning and he finally ate today and went to the bathroom and didnt throw up.....well
Out comes one of his toys....omgggggg so throwing away the big boodas taht i thought were safe...nope! :roll:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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