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gadam55 said:
I have just rescued a 8 week old female Staffordshire terrier/Lab. My girlfriend has a 3 year old, 10 lb male Bichon Frise, which seems to be the dominate one right now. The staffordshire terrier was living with a 7 year old pit mix and a 10 month old pit mix and just followed them around. My girlfriend and I do not currently live together but plan on it in the near future. Could people give me some advice to make this work. Thank you for any help that you could be.
The Bichon is the dominant one, he was there first, and will let your newbie know this through displays of actions. Our peke was there years before Dix, and he rules the roost. Dixie is scared to death of him, but he taught her this, it is his house.

Just be careful when you are not w/ them, make sure they are seperated. I never had an issue, other then Dix getting nailed a few times for messing w/ him, but like I said, he taught her, and taught her well. It was his house, and she was next in line, BELOW him!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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