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Getting him to stop nawwing at people

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My 6 Month old American Bulldog just contantly wants to naw at people that sit on the couch...any tricks to get him to stop. We've tried no, and down and trying to give him something else to bite on. But he just won't stop. He listens to all commands except that one...STOP BITING!! It is definitely more when he is cranky, (and I know he is still teething) so we put him in the cage to lay down. But I am just trying to get him to respect people's space. My other problem is walking him...I haven't gotten any good feedback on how to keep him from pulling, besides the choker chain which he hates having around his neck. We've been practing all behavioral commands...and I must say I'm quite proud! But any suggestions on walking him (as a 120 lb girl to a 6 month 77lb dog) and keeping him from nawwing on people and pawing at tehm to get their attention?
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flick his nose with your finger and thumb and tell him one word command NO. Stop biting is too confusing for a six month old to learn.
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