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I have a private obedience client who has four English Mastiffs. Apparently, the breeder that he bought all the boys from is looking to earn a championship on his male. My client recommended me as a handler. The breeder contacted me, and I informed him that I have absolutely no experience with conformation. He told me that he would prefer a newbie than someone that might already have enemies. He is going to pay for me to take classes at The Dog Training Club of St. Pete.

I am just looking for information, suggestions, thoughts, etc.
Is it worth me getting involved in? I think it would be fun and a good learning experience.
Any websites I should check out?
Any books I should read?
How long should I expect it take for Luke (the mastiff) and I to get ready, training wise, to compete?
Things I should know about conformation (good or bad).

I am really considering handling for him. I am just not sure I want the first dog I handle to be almost twice my weight. I already train four of them every Sunday (2 eleven month olds and 2 ten week olds), how much worse could it be? :?
Actually, he is talking about getting a couple more and wants me to handle all of them. :violent1:

Thanks for any info, advice, or whatever.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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