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Some things to consider when beginning...

Some judges place the PERSON on the end of the lead, not the dog...

The dog will reflect your abilities, I was VERY obvious that I didn't know what I was doing... and so was the dog....

You need to know every fault each dog has that you will be handling, so you are able to play up the dog's strengths, while TRYING to draw attention away from the faults.

Train for muscle memory in stacking... judges love a free stacked dog, makes you look good, makes the dog look better. Besides, those are some big paws to have to move around.

Before a show, walk them for at least an hour, all around the show grounds, stop and stack the dog, do a down and back, try to get a free stack... so when the dog gets in the ring, he will perform as good in the ring, as he did while walking around. It helps calm them down, tires them out, and lets them sniff everything they want to sniff, so that you have their attention.

Pop a mint in your mouth before you go into the ring. Your breath changes odor when you are nervous, and the dog can pick up on that.

If you have a male that is girl crazy, put some A&D ointment near his nose to mask the smell of females. It doesn't always work, but it helps.

Stay away from catty people, or people that gossip to you. I guarantee they will be gossiping about you as you trot across the ring.

Oh.. Sports Bras and bike shorts. Skirts fall down, and boobs bounce. You don't want to be the center of attention, you want people and the judge to look at your dog. LOL

Just off the top of my head...
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