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jacket or ring

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girls help ?

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iam thinking of getting the wife somthing like this for her b-day next fri what ya think the blue for her birth stone this isent the one but verry close ... yay or nay ! not

or this is the other gift witch wopuld you like better as a woman ? i suck at this chit ? thnaks

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redbull said:
Girls (ok, women) expect too much.

They should be happy you put up with them!

LOL just kidding!!

Get the coat. :wink:
Don't want to spoil em too much or they'll take advantage of it :lol:
That's it, the wedding's off. :wink:

Steve, I read too quickly, I thought these were Xmas gift ideas. If it's just her b-day, do the dinner and hotel, and save the ring and coat for Xmas!!
mom to many said:
Just get a new tatoo on your banana... :lol: :lol: sorry, couldn't resist :wink: :wink:
LMFAO :laughing5:
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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