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Going for a walk

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Lately I've been reading about a walk being "the dog's time", and that they shouldn't have to walk in the heel position. When I walk Harley, I don't allow her in front of me, and keep her on a pretty short lead. I bought her a prong about a month ago, and we use it for walks. I use the method of a quick collar correction when she's off track.She's learning well, and sticks close w/out pulling. I read about it being "her time" and thought I'd cut her some slack. I held only the end of her 6 foot leash, and lo and behold, in about 10 seconds I had my 65lb. Bully pulling me down the street. Does training have to be "complete" before they can be "on their own time"? (And is a dog's training ever complete?) Is there a "correct" way to walk the dog? Thanks.
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Ya i keep mine on heel mode most of the walk and dont give her slack on walks becuase she seems to like it fine i concider her time being in the backyard playing with me and going to parks, to me thats our time together and her treat for being so well behaved!
lol so is mine it's weird my cat does the same thing too!
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