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rockysmama said:
When he has this problem, we do try putting him in his crate and he will still pee in there. We also control how much food and water he receives, and also take him out every hour. He will pee outside and then go again when we bring him back inside. I have no idea why he does this at all, maybe its a male thing? We also have a jack russell thats 13 months old and he has the same problem. maybe its a follow the leader type thing, because when one does it, the other starts up.
What do you use to clean up the mess. Unless it is a true odor neutralizer their bionic noses pick up subtle signs from past pissing as flags that say "PEE HERE". Otherwise I find that in housetraining the biggest issue - aside from convincing the dog to void outside - is defining for the dog where outside is.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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