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This is a Cross Post from the No-Bull Board, nice post Chris. I liked it.


Posted by Chris Fraize on 4/3/2006, 1:36 am
User logged in as: CHRIS FRAIZE

Hi Joe,
I wanted to post this long ramble in hopes you can better understand pp work. I hope you don't fall asleep!
JOE WRITES: The one thing I have problem with is a dog biting on a person.( BITE WORK) For some reason it just bothers me as if it is wrong. I allways picture something bad happening. At one time I wanted to have a dog trained like that. For some reason I just view it as a liability not wroth having.

FRAIZE WRITES: Everything is obedience. Obedience is respect. Respect is everything.

From the command “sit” to Police K-9 work, it’s all obedience. Agility is obedience. Commanding your dog to go thru a tunnel, over a ramp, through weave poles. In fact any time the handler commands their dog to do anything and the dog obeys its obedience.

That’s the trick isn’t it? Getting the dog to obey! The constant struggle to get a dog to listen to obedience commands. It has been my experience that a catch 22 exists between almost every client and their pet or working dog.

On the one hand we have the dog owners that want their dogs to be happy. You might be saying to yourself, “what is the problem with me making my dog happy?” There is nothing wrong with a dog being happy. The problem comes when folks put human values on their dog’s happiness. Dogs love to work. They are happy when the are working. The happiness or as I call it the humanizing of our pet dogs is a multi billion-dollar business. From dog hotels to designer dog clothes there seems to be some product or service out there to pamper your dog into ultra human happiness! Giving your dog everything that he or she wants without earning it makes them indeed feel special. So special in fact that they see themselves as the king and queens of your castle! If your dog is the king or queen of their castle then you must be the butler. If you are the butler then why would the king or queen take orders from you? Especially in times of great distraction. That’s right! They wouldn’t!

On the other hand are the heavy handed overbearing dog owners that yell at or hit their dogs and never spend any time being kind to their dogs. They get mad quickly and expect their dog to understand what they mean without proper training. Sadly, these over powering dog owners believe they get better results or that their dogs listen just fine because their dog’s spirit is crushed. The dog would rather just down or sit to avoid conflict. This may look like a dog that is under control, but it isn’t even close.

One of my favorite quotes in doing training is “You cannot love your dog into respecting you.” If this is true then certainly “you cannot beat your dog into respecting you.” In both statements truer words have never been spoken. Balance in training and understanding canine behavior are the keys to an effective human canine / relationship.

If you can understand obedience, you can control your dog. If you understand obedience you can understand bite work. If you understand that bite work is just a higher form of obedience, then you won’t be bothered about it being “wrong”.

I think the problem is that so many folks think that vicious junkyard dogs are personal protection dogs. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Joe, I respect your opinion and hope you can continue to have and keep an open mind about bite work and personal protection. ahhhhh, I mean high level obedience. Lol

Take a look at this video and see if you can see the obedience in bite work.


Safe training,
Chris Fraize
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