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Gordy and his family pics

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Gordy and us got out pictures done for my birthday and we got them back yeahhhhhhhhhhh. here they are.

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Gordy is getting soooo big! And sooo cute!! And I love your hair brown. :D
Those are great pics...you are beautiful! I can't believe how big Gordy is....he looks so cute inhis sweater!
Beautiful pictures!! You're hair looks goegeous dark like that! I love how the three of you match. very sweet. :D
OH MY GOSH!!!! He is too cute! He has gotten really big since the last time I seen him!
The quintessential bulldog. How adorable!!!
coool i love seeing pics of gordys mom ..opppps i mean gordy :oops: :wink:
Awww! Those pics are awesome, you guys look great! Gordy looks so proud.
Gordy is VERY photogenic :) And he looks so handsome in his sweater...and that huge smile he has...so cute!

OMG he is getting so big. And he is so handsome. They grow too quick. I love seeing pics of Gordy.
great picture he should have been wearin a g-unit shirt to match his pop GGGGG-UUNIT
awww thanks guys. i like my hair better dark too. Gordy just loved taking those pictures.look how far i had to pull down his shirt in the one of just him. lol he man thing kept showing in all the pictures. I cant even get over how fast he is growing. It seems just like yesterday he was so tiny. I cant even pick him up to good right now. I feel like imma break my back. lol
LuvaBULL said:
Gordy is getting soooo big! And sooo cute!! And I love your hair brown. :D
Ditto! You look great with brown hair!
Oh, you guys are such a beautiful family! And Gordy's so big.
Great pictures!! You're a lovely looking family. :D
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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