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Gotta watch this Video!

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Took me ALL day to figure out how to do this....i still cant figure out
how to post it on YouTube with my other videos.

I am very proud of this one....Funniest Orson Video Ever! :lol:
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You might want to check him for worms. My friends dog was doing that a lot and he ended up having worms..
LMFAO @ Asian's signature...

And that video was HILARIOUS! OMG.. he is such a character!
HAHAHA! That is too cute, poor thing can't seem to get that itch!
You might want to check him for worms
Like i said its not really an itch, so it cant be worms.
He's trying to get at his "weenis", when he gets excited he
"red rockets" so he's trying to satisfy himself :oops:
His poor little sausage of a bulldog body wont let him get to it :lol:
so it turns into this big production.
Finally caught it on tape!!

Laughing at Asian's signature too!!
Too cute - just want to give him a great big hug. :D
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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