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Hi everyone, my name is Chip, we just got a new baby APBT named Titan , he is the cutest little guy, I will post pics soon. I am 47 years old happily married 2 grown sons. Our baby, Titan is from a litter that our youngest sons kids had. He is about 7 weeks old & a handfull already LOL we just brought him home yesterday. so we are all going through an adjustment phase our 5 year old grandson loves him a bunch ( he has his on APBT) grandson was the one that got us to keep him named Titan & i kinda dig it too . anyway just wanted to say hello. i will try to be active here , i am sure i will have a ton of questions. We have owned pit mixes in the past they were all great dogs. this is the first APBT we have owned & it has been years since we had a dog much less a puppy so y'all pray for us LOL....
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