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I still havent tried to RAW diet yet. In the mean time, I feed all 3 puppies exactly the same amount of food at feeding time.

Cato used to get a whole 2 1/2 cups, Chocy would get 3/4 and Daizy a half.This is all they would eat, and I found myself throwing away wasted food if I fed the other two as much as Cato.

Now, they all get 21/2 cups.BUT, Kato wants more. Im scared to give him more as he is 10lbs heavier then his siblings, and even sounds large when he breaths(moaning)
I know he is not over eating, as the others eat the same and are great looking.......I know he has "monster" in his genes, but come one...........35lbs at 12 weeks????

Should I try to diet him??Or should I just deal with it?? He gets no snacks then a few cheerios for crate training, as so do the others. He is on Nutro Large Breed Puppy. He gets tons of exercise, but man, he looks intimidating, and Im worried he's wayyyyyyy too fat!

**editied_Forgot to add, they all get 2 1/2 cups in the a.m. AND the p.m.
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