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Ok maybe this is common sense, but I was wondering. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Tora would yelp if I touched her hips. She would only do it if it was a surprise bc I checked her hips. I always walk up and touch her out of no where (bc I like to make double, triple sure that she does not startle easliy) well she did not snap at me but she was yelping. When I was checking her, I could not find an area where she was hurting (she only yelped when it was a surprise). I watched her for a few days and she was moving a little slow and not putting as much pressure on her back side. I was getting ready to take her to the Vet but it went away as mysteriously as it came. :-k Shortly there after I had to move her up a rung on her collar and she is taller. (I measure her :oops: ....I am a little too through sometimes) Again I feel like an idiot for asking but do you think that it was growing pains? Has this ever happened with any of your dogs? Abnormal pain then poof gone, as you can see I am still scratching my head about it. It really freaked me out, this is my baby.
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