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guess the breed?

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Bruiser is just about to turn six months old a very beautiful muscular boy weighing in at approximately 55lbs. here are some pictures. he is mixed and i have pictures of the parents and to the best of their owners knowledge what the parents are. ill post bruiser first and after some guesses are made ill post pictures of the parents
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Hello, welcome to BDB! Your pup is so cute and so cuddly looking.
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Difficult to say the breed when they are this young, but perhaps a mix of American Bull Dog and American Pit Bull Terrier.
Tough crowd lol. Well here are the parents. Mom is a mixed rescue who looks like a bull terrier mix to me and dad who the owners believe is a lab American bulldog mix. Bruiser looks like his mom but I think gets his size and muscularity from his dad. While his dad was overweight he looks still muscular in the legs.


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I agree, Bruiser does look like a mix of his parents and he does have beautiful blue eyes. :)
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