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Guess the dog!

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boz_y said:
Anybody got an idea what this is?

for bench marking... she is 5 months old 46 lbs
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In some pictures, she looks a little Rotti... then others she looks a little pitty. :) I would guess a mix of a mixes. She is ADORABLE!
A mixed breed dog. She is cute eitherway.
A friends dog has a similiar appearance and is said to be a Pit/ Mastiff mix. (Although that's so vague it's virtually unhelpful) Sorry. My doggie's a Mutt, so when people ask, I just say "she's a bully mix" Simple enough for me :D
From the front she looks to be a pit and rottie mix. Sweet looking dog.
Rottie/pit/lab ???? She's still a pup? It will be hard to tell until she's full grown - then you can look at her size and bone structure and maybe get a better idea. She's cute, and looks like a real sweetie. :D
looks like a dog to me :lol: a cute one at that
I agree with LUvabull.....A Rot/Pit mix
angie7349 said:
I agree with LUvabull.....A Rot/Pit mix
ditto and an adorable dog at that! :D
Yep I would guess some sort of rot/pit mix. She is adorable!!
looks like its got a lot of rotti and some kind of terrier. :?:
pit/rot is right, but how much then

Hi, yes its a rot/pit mix, I m very impressed :shock: , I guess u guys really have an eye for it, so a more proper question would then be to ask if anybody can guess how much pit and how much rot? I can tell you that its a multiple of 25%, (ie 25%,50% or 75%)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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