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Ham bones

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Is it safe to give Coop the bone from a bone in ham? He loves to chew on things that once had a heartbeat but we are careful about what we give him and he is always supervised. I don't want to give him anything that might splinter.
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As everyone else allready said, cooked bones are terrible. The ones that are sold at pet stores that are smoked are ok. I think Merrick makes a beef femur type thing called MOAB and my dogs really like those. Don't get the smoked hambones though from petstores. Someone gave those to my dogs for X-mas last year and they shattered like huge shards! It was pretty scary. I get beef knuckle bones for chewing (raw), they are softer and more porous than the femurs. I get the marrow bones too but have heard lots of stories of dogs fracturing teeth on those things. I think a lot of it depends on the dog though. Some breeds tend to have bad teeth to begin with.

I pretty much give raw bones from any animal to my dogs with the exception of turkey. Turkey bones are really hard and brittle and they scare me.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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