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Ham bones

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Is it safe to give Coop the bone from a bone in ham? He loves to chew on things that once had a heartbeat but we are careful about what we give him and he is always supervised. I don't want to give him anything that might splinter.
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pit_bull_lover said:
So can someone list what kind of bones is safe to feed your dog? This would help me out a lot! (please note whether the bones should be cooked or uncooked)
From what i've read and heard, ANY type of cooked bone is bad.
Chicken, Lamb, anything.

Raw bones are fine.

I give Patch Lamb shanks and he LOVES them!
i've given him chicken necks and wings on a few occasions (raw) but i do get a little scared giving him these ones.
He eats the whole thing.
Chico.Heidi said:
As everyone else allready said, cooked bones are terrible. The ones that are sold at pet stores that are smoked are ok. I think Merrick makes a beef femur type thing called MOAB and my dogs really like those. Don't get the smoked hambones though from petstores. Someone gave those to my dogs for X-mas last year and they shattered like huge shards! It was pretty scary. I get beef knuckle bones for chewing (raw), they are softer and more porous than the femurs. I get the marrow bones too but have heard lots of stories of dogs fracturing teeth on those things. I think a lot of it depends on the dog though. Some breeds tend to have bad teeth to begin with.

I pretty much give raw bones from any animal to my dogs with the exception of turkey. Turkey bones are really hard and brittle and they scare me.
Patch eats smoked pigs feet and smoked pigs ears......... would you consider that bad?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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