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Would you believe when I got up and around today it was 60 degrees outside? Anyways,today was a very busy day for Harley. First we went for a very long walk. Our last 2 walks we have been venturing downtown. I had been avoiding this because of her car chasing and wasn't real sure if she would behave around other people or dogs. She was soooo good! What I have chosen to do when people or other animals are walking towards us is stop and make Harley sit down. She is getting so good at this. Today we had two different groups of people come to greet us. Harley behaved so well. She remained in her sitting position and allowed the children and adults pet her. She never once tried to jump.

After we got home. I took her into the house brought my son outside and vaccumed out our van. I was going to bring Harley out at that time but she wants to attack the vaccum when I run it in the house so I didn't think it was a good idea. She watched through the door. Then my son and I went to Wal mart and got a tie out for her so she could be outside with us.

She did pretty good for the most part didn't try to eat any of the neighborhood kids LOL! She just wanted to play with them. I did see a few things we needed to work on but we will do this as the weather progresses. My main concern is she wants to jump on the kids and when she gets to excited I need to find a way to make her stop immediately. Any ideas would be great!

I later took her to the backyard and allowed her to play independantly while I cleaned up her dog poo! Nice day better clean it while we can. She is now sleeping at my feet as I browse through the forum.
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