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Harley's a tad more aggressive than usual......

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Over the last few days when Harley is playing with my boyfriend she's been a bit more aggressive than usual. Biting at his hand and actually puncturing. When we first got her my boyfriend rough housed with her and actually allowed her to do this. Which is why I believe she is doing this. She has attempted to do this me a few times but I stop her immediately. My boyfriend is now doing the same. She hasn't yet done this with my son. She's actually pretty gentle with him. I think thats because she realizes he is a special little guy. Should we be concerned about this sudden behaviour? Why out of the blue would she act this way?

Weather permitting I've been walking her about 2 miles per day. She really enjoys this and since getting the prong collar walking is so much more enjoyable.
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I think if you do a search, this has been covered several times. If that doesn't work, I'd be glad to answer your question at a later time.

AkainePSP said:
What should I search on aggressiveness?

Just look through the training and obedience section, it should be fairly easy to find.

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