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hi aussie wolf
we are in melbourne, VIC. bella's dam and sire are fed Supercoat and we did the same when we brought her home. however if you check out the ingredients listing and do the food test haus' mum listed as a sticky you will find that it rates pretty bad. an F.
we are now feeding (after much long involved research) Eagle Pack Large Breed Puppy which is far less easy to find and quite exy but well worth it. although all flavours list corn in the top four ingredients the distributer claims that this is because the dehydrated meats weigh less than the corn and ingredients are listed in order of weight. who knows? but the the proof of improvement is in bella's coat being far softer and shinier, and her poo is so much less stinky and...well you get the idea. Ideally we would feed her Innova but you can only get it fom Pets Paradise in the whole of Australia (they must have it exclusively),and it is an evil chain store that sells shnoodles and kittens. yeah lots of the best foods listed on this board we cant get here, royal canin is fairly prolific, but more exy than eagle pack.
isnt it a shame that Dr Harry supports Supercoat though, i believe in him.
we also feed her yoghurt and bones and rice and fish oil and eggs...not all at once, but to spice things up.
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