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Have u heard of "Finadyne"? (injection for joint p

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Hi all, Nelson was diagnosed by our vet as "possibly" having hip displasia about 5mths ago and she referred us to a surgeon to confirm. the surgeon didn't like our vet's xrays so we had to pay another $400 to have nelson knocked out and another set of xrays done. the surgeon then confirmed yes he has hip displasia and when we asked him what he would do in our situation, he replied, 'i'm a surgeon so i'll always operate'. thats not wat we asked but anyway. we took nelson to another vet surgeon who specialises in racing greyhounds and he said that 'hip displasia' is a term that is thrown around alot by different vets. after looking at nelsons xrays he said he wouldnt say nelson has hip displasia and said that he just has a bit of a funny walk. he said the cartrophen injections were the best thing we ccould have done for him. he wouldn't recommend surgery becuase it wouldn't do him much good anyway and the recovery is so long and it could change him. he doesn't seem to be in any pain. he also gave nelson a shot of "finadyne" and said we can try this and to keep an eye on him for a week and if there is an improvement then we can continue with this treatment. has anyone heard of this? what is it for? i tried to google it but the info on this comes up in differnt language but english.

also when nelson had this injection i was so busy that following week that i didn't have time to keep an eye on him so i'm thinking maybe i should go in again and get another shot and keep an eye on him for a week? anyone heard anything about finadyne? thanks.
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I'm sorry I can't offer much info on the chemical itself - but it seems whatever they are using the drug for with your dog was not the original purpose of the drug.

I think it's cool that you consider surgery a last resort and looked to other specialists... but it looks like you got 2 opinions from the same area of expertise -- why did you just go to another person with the same specialty? ... why another surgeon and not a few people with different points of view... ?

Sometimes we use "no pain" as enough proof that everything's pretty ok. thats easy to think but not always true.
Cartilage does not have the nerves necessary to feel pain.
Although HD and cartilage wear are not the same thing, they are related in that one can encourage the other. With that in mind, I think it's important to point out that in joints, cartilage wear does not necessarily correlate with pain.

If your dog "walks funny", it's possible that he can continue to wear on his joints unevenly, eventually creating pain... and by then everything is worse.
altered gait should be enough reason to continue exploring different assessments/treatments... have you considered alternative therapy/medicine?
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Hi yes we currently take nelson swimming because the specialists said that keeping his back legs strong will take the pressure off his hips. we did see in the xrays that his hip socket is not deep enough to hold the head of the femeur (don' tknow if that spelt right). so we have him on glycoflex tablets, fishoil and swimming. our vet tried acupuncture but it didn't work on him. i don't know what else we should try anything else you can suggest would be greatly appreciated. thanks
Since the bony structures of the hip are not keeping the joint stable, it's more important than ever that the muscles work correectly to stabilize the joint.
The tricky part is knowing how much activity to get to stimulate muscle activity but not make the joint situation worse. Swimming sounds awesome.

Have you ever tried animal chiropractic treatment?
I think of that because it's important to make sure there is no nerve interference coming from the spine, otherwise any attempt to exercise muscles would be less effective.
Sounds a little crazy to some people, but can be really great for your dog.
If you choose to explore the possibility of chiro, I suggest finding someone who was a vet, and then went to school for vet chiro, not a human chiro who later went to school for vet chiro - know what I mean?... but that's only my silly thought.

You might want to search for other animal accupuncturists in your area and find out what other modalities they offer - a lot of these guys use several tools, accupuncture or chiropractic being only one of them, and they might suggest some homeopathic type of thing etc.

Here are some links with info, and practitioner locaters:

American Veterinary Chiropractic Association

Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association

The Healing Oasis Wellness Center

American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture

Good luck!

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wow thats great i didn't even know dogs could get chiropractors!! i'll have a look into that.

btw how is your pup going i remember u putting up a post saying he was being unusually clumsy. have you found out what the cause is and is he dealing with it ok now?
I give my dog monthly Adequan injections (maintenance dose). I've been giving him these for 3 years now & I swear they've made all the difference. (he's also had FHO sx on the left hip but he is unable to support his entire body weight on the left leg so sx on the right hip just can't happen)
4NGI3 said:
btw how is your pup going i remember u putting up a post saying he was being unusually clumsy. have you found out what the cause is and is he dealing with it ok now?
I was getting my feelers out back then when I asked about clumsiness (secretly hoping clumsiness was all his problem was.)
But I'm sorry to say that he has been sloppy as ever - we took him Saturday to someone new for more evaluations, and we have more xrays later this month - we need more taken with his spine in full flexion and full extension.
Looking at the basic xrays, if nothing seems too out of the ordinary (misaligned, or malformed vertebra etc), we consider having MRIs done to look at his soft tissues, spinal cord and brain.
The possibility of wobblers still exists.
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