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Heart of Dixie 2006

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For all of you American Bulldog owners and enthuisasts. This trip is a must. It has something for everyone. Confirmation, weight pull. Iron Dog, Hardest Hitting and a protection tournament to name a few. But the highlight of the trip is the people you meet.

It happens in April in Alabama. Although the trip is long it is well worth it and I already look forward to next year!
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This is my fav picture.
I love seeing them do there sh*t
He is an awesome looking dog.
Come up to training. You can see Onyx every weekend :p
Hey, what's up? We've talked on the phone once or twice. I have Banter Bulldogges, but am considering a Black Champs down the road.

I think I'm going to Grantville for the Memorial Day show. Is it at Kinghaven Kennels? My boy Drew and his Kinghaven dog, R.I.P. will b there and another friend Buggsy with his Jackson from Joshua. Hopefully, I'll see ya there.

We'll probably be going to. Its not far from us. It will be cool to meetup. We can probably get a few people from the forum to go. I love Kinghaven dogs!
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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