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Heaven & Koa pics

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I haven't posted these yet... I actually have more recent ones, but if you read my other thread, I don't have a functioning USB cable for my camera to download them right now. :evil:

Here are a few I took back on the 20th....Before Heaven destroyed Koa's FOURTH collar, LOL... you can see her going for it in the last pics!

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I hope Koa does okay! Poor Heaven thats cute that she misses him! Are you going to have to keep them seperated when Koa comes home? I was just curious with his surgery and all. I think your dogs are just beautiful!
IM pretty sure i want anther dog when i move. Thanks for tell me that.
As I was reading your post I thought wow it is Thurs. and Koa is getting fixed. I know he will be OK but let us know when he gets home on how he is doing. Give Heaven a kiss from me and Moose and some treats too.
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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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