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Hi and Welcome.
I'm very new here myself and just brought a new English Bulldog puppy into my family.
I think it's commendable that you want to rescue a bulldog.

You didn't mention what kind, or how far north in GA you are but there is at least one English Bulldog Rescue that I know of here in Central Florida if you're willing to do the drive. I'll go find the weblink and bring it over if you're interested.

I almost went the way of rescue myslef and have Cresteds that I have rescued, but I have a yound son who is non verbal and non-ambulatory so I really felt that a pup who's past I have no questions about would be a better option for a bulldog. I just can't take any chances with my son and he can be rough on a dog.

OK, enough about me, sorry for thread jacking.

I'll go find that link now if that's the type of bully you are looking for.

Nice to have you here

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