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Hello Everyone! Puppy owner here!

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Hello - my name is Dawn and I live in Iowa .
I recently adopted a homeless puppy from an animal orphanage. Afer falling in love with him the first week I found out that the women running the orphanage lied to us about the breed of the dog. Turns out his mother was a full breed Pitt Bull. I wanted to join in to see if anyone could tell me first hand the experiences they've had with a Pit. Good or bad. I've always heard it's not the dog's breed, but how you raise them. Does this old saying stand true? Please help put my mind at ease.
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Welcome! You've come to the right place. Everyone here is passionate about bully breeds and will have lots of sound (even if brutally honest) advice for you. :) Pits are by far NOT the vicious killers the media makes them out to be - they can be wonderful, loyal, friendly dogs. They were not bred to be agressive to humans and responsible breeders are trying to breed animal agressiveness out of them. Just keep an eye on your baby when around other animals until you are sure of his temperament. Lof people here have their pits around other animals with no problems whatsoever.

As for temperament, it is as much about breeding as it is raising (some may disagree with me here). Raise your baby with all the TLC in the world, and seek advice when you need it. Kudos to you for rescuing, and I can't wait to see some photos of your baby! :D
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