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Hello Everyone! Puppy owner here!

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Hello - my name is Dawn and I live in Iowa .
I recently adopted a homeless puppy from an animal orphanage. Afer falling in love with him the first week I found out that the women running the orphanage lied to us about the breed of the dog. Turns out his mother was a full breed Pitt Bull. I wanted to join in to see if anyone could tell me first hand the experiences they've had with a Pit. Good or bad. I've always heard it's not the dog's breed, but how you raise them. Does this old saying stand true? Please help put my mind at ease.
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I currently have a 5 month old male pitbull, and he is awesome!!! I've owned 2 other pits previously & they were just as awesome. I also have a 3 year old female boxer, and they are best friends. Pitbulls are a great breed, and the most loving breed I've ever seen. My little Koda is the sweetest thing in the world, and will probably die giving kisses!!! :lol:
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