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Hello from Dutchess

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Just wanted to say hello to everyone.

To be honest I never wanted a dog. Well my little sister went off to college and being irresponcible she bought an American Bulldog. Hidding her from the whole family knowing that she could not give an appropriate home for her new dog. And of course she gets kicked out of school and uh oh she has to move back in to our parents home who from the start wanted her to get rid of the dog.

My husband and I decided to keep her dog till she found her own place. Hmmmmm two years later I still have Dutchess and I could never give her back. We have cared for and gave her a great home. Not to mention to my surprise I fell in love with her adorable personality. I dont know what I would do with out my Dutchess. She has become my little baby and a big part of my family.

I can tell she is happier with My husband and I. We have been her first stable home and that is the way I tend to keep it.

I told my sister that for her to take her back would be heart breaking. I'm sooo happy that she agreed with me. :D
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Oh that is awesome, They are easy to fall in love with, thats for sure!!!

Welcome to the forum. Any pics of her? :D
Welcome to the forum! :)
Welcome! I'm happy for Dutchess that she landed in your lap. How could you not fall in love with that face?
Great story, glad she found a forever home with you!
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