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Hello from KCMO

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My name is Angela, I'm 34 and live near Kansas City, Missouri with my husband, two teenage kids, a 9-year old Maltese, Persian cat, a Red-tailed Columbian Boa and lastly, my pride-n-joy...the reason for my being here... Haitis, my 6 month old NKC neutered AB.

I have been peeking inside this forum for about a month now, searching and finding advice, from behind the scenes. I have only just now registered.

Haitis has started developing little behavior problems that I'd like to get a jump on very soon but I'll be posting those questions in the correct threads/rooms later.

I know this will get a big laugh from most of you, but Haitis has been going to generic training classes, I started him off at 10 weeks of age in a puppy class at the local PetSmart; is now about to graduate the intermediate class, so we're excited about advancing our skills to a more profound level.

Wanted to say hello, introduce Haitis and myself to you all.
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He's adorable!!! I'm glad to hear he's doing so well at doggy school! :D
Welcome. Nobody's going to laugh at you for taking him to general OB classes. That's a great place to start. :D

My cousins are in KCMO. Say 'hi' to them for me. :wink: :D
Hello.. :wave:
Your doggie looks great for big wet kisses! Lol! Nice to meet you! Welcome!!!
Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I think I could fit in with you guys nicely, although I am a novice bully owner, I am completely nutz nutz nutz about Haitis and I can see why your signatures are full of multiple bullies, because I'm already interested in adding an OEB to the house sometime in the future....but this will take alot of work on my part to get my hubbie to agree.

My poor husband already has to endure watching me roll around on the floor with Haitis, sharing kisses and secrets or showing off tricks that we've learning at training class to anyone who is willing watch.

I forgot to mention in my first post that we also have a 2 year old German shorthair; my husbands hunting dog. Ultimately, this makes us a 3 dog house.

I can't remember a time in my life that I didn't have at least one dog, but I've wanted a bulldog since I was 15 so this means I waited for Haitis for 19 years, he is spoiled rotten because of it.

Augrad said:
My cousins are in KCMO. Say 'hi' to them for me.
Sure, also I know one thing about you already, Augrad...your cousins must be cool. :)
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That training is better than no training! Welcome to the forum!
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