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Hello from Mack and me

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I am a new participant to your board with a "new" baby, Mack, an 11 week old English Bulldog, who has been with us for two weeks now.

My husband of 3 1/2 years and I have been wanting an English Bulldog (one of the things we have had in common), but never even considered a puppy, actually. We had to put our almost 16 year old yellow Lab girl, Murphy to sleep in December and then almost 3 weeks ago, we lost one of our precious Golden Retrievers, Zipper. I guess my husband thought it was best that we have a puppy to raise and not an older dog at this time. The only two dogs he has ever "chosen" in his adult life have left us in the last six months. Zipper was a rescue Golden, who we knew was a senior boy, but cancer was found and we had to let him go after a month of illness. My husband took me and our 3 children on a "road trip" two weeks ago, and we when arrived, there were two precious bulldog puppies. I burst into tears all over again because it must made me miss our Zipper all over again. His heart was in the right place, though, and he decided to do that because I was grieving so much. I think he needed a new baby as much as I did. We still have two wonderful Golden Retriever Girls, Honey and Lilly (half sisters, 7 years old), and they are doing their best to understand this new "creature" that has invaded our house! Ha Ha!!! Our two cats, Butter (approximately 9 years old...he was a stray) and Mimi (who will turn 17 on the 18th of this month) are in awe of this boy, too. He thinks they are both wonderful toys to their dismay.

I'm sure I will have many tales to tell of Mack and our family and I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Thanks for having us.

Logan and Mack
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Sorry about that! :oops: I will have to get accustomed to this format! The picture is posted in the next message.
OMG what a cutie!!!!! You've got a house full of love! Can't wait to see more pics! Oh by the way WELCOME!
Welcome! :D I know you from somewhere else! :D Mack is adorable! :)
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