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Hello from Swindon England

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Great forum some really interesting stuff.

These are my boys Tommy whos 2 and Jed whos 4.

Jeddy is the product of a broken home and came to live with us last summer when his old dad (my brother) was unable to give him the attention he so craves.Tommy Ive had since he was a puppy.2 softer lads it would be hard to find.

They are Staffies but as you can see arent exactly pure breeds but I love them loads anyway :D
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Thank you they are very mellow most of the time.
Thanks for the warm welcome ive spent the last 2 hours looking at everyones photos they are great :D

Im to scared to go in the 'in memory' bit though I know it will make me sad.
Hug~A~Bully said:
They get along even being both males and both unaltered? They are both very handsome!! WELCOME!!!
hahah you noticed they were unaltered. :D

They have known each other since Tommy was little.They have only ever had one arguement and that was over a sock and I came off worse when I split them up with a little bite to my palm.They were both very sorry.We get a little bit of dominance humping but thats about it.They know im the boss or at least they let me think I am.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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