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Hello from the Denver area

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My name is Gerard Spicer and I reside in the Denver metro area. I currently own a beautiful 80 pound pit by the name of Petey. Previously, I had owned a black & White one for 15 years named Mugsy. Like most people, I originally had preconceptions about the breed, but 15 years later I find myself enveloped in admiration and respect for them. My wife Alex now refuses to have any other type of dog as a pet. I started a website that deals with our personal fight against BSL. On the site I am offering an article I wrote for a local newspaper entitled "A Fall From Grace: The story of the Pit Bull" free for distribution to anyone wanting to promote the bully breed in a postive light.


Gerard S.

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I liked your website a lot! Petey sure does look a lot like my Mo. Good job with all of your effort to fight BSL. Where does it stand currently in Denver?

Mo is my first pit bull. Got him last year. Now BSL is sweeping the St Louis area. My girlfriend and I fought off BSL in a municipality in St Louis County (not where we live) by speaking and bringing Mo to a council meeting. We are just rookies though.

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