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Hi my name is Alain.

Been reading these boards for some time now trying to learn more about people experiences and the AB breed. To speed time forward to now. As of last Friday, I'm now a second owner of an 20-month female AB named Roxy. I'll eventually put up pictures of her. Considering she's been with us (wife - 2 kids aged 7 and 4) for only a few days, she's been doing very, very good. She has bonded extremely well with me.

The transition from the previous owner (single household) to us has been seemless. She's affectionate, playfull (although sometimes she's gets a little too much excited with my daughter) and listens very well. I have so far been able to get her to obey my basic commands (and everyone else's) to a point she sits instantly even before I can pull a treat out and say to word (Thank god she's food motivated!).

The walks also good, doesn't pull and can get her attention, but I have to work on her focus when she spots other dogs. She seems to want to play with some and growls at others, but I'm not taking chance and walk it off. She does pull hard when other dogs are either barking/growling at her. I'll register myself to a obedience school and work with her. Trainer a very good reputation with good experience and having speaking with him, he's positive and confident to make this all work out. The first 3 session are solo with trainer to allow full attention and then integrate sessions with a small class where we can work on focus where hopefully be able to tolerate other dogs. I do have questions which I'll ask in the other threads.


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