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I just happened to find this forum, and could'nt help registering.

I have two dogs, ab and mix. We live in Finland, and that's why my english sucks.
Try to understand. :oops:
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Hello and welcome! Please post some pics when you get a chance! :D
Beautiful dogs! What breed is Nauti?
Nautti is mixed, i dont know the "real" word of it, but she is kind of mix of various breeds. I mean that her parents was also mixed, so she isn't two-breed mix.

What is the real world? Cross-bred?

Well, she is unique. 8)
Nah, "mix" is the most common. :D
Hey, welcome to the forum. Finland is a beautiful country. I have not been there, but have seen lots of photos. We have some people here who's primary language is English and they can't speak it well, I think we can understand :wink: I wish there were more international bully owners on here. It is so cool to meet people from other countries and see if there are any differences with the way they work with their dogs. :p

P.S. Beautiful dogs
augrad said:
Nah, "mix" is the most common. :D
Yeah, i read my reply and it felt like...umm complicated? Bit wicked....

Nautti is mix.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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