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look forward to talking some good smack ttys !
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Cinder said:
Bustersmommy said:
mansbestfriend said:
sorry ? first i was peter now Alpha ok iam at a loss here :?: did i miss somthing :?

Question for you: In the location( on your profile) you have 3 why is that?

Multiple personalities?
That is funny..no it isn't!! LOL
Re: LOL.

PeterC said:
Hey I am still around.
Been just busy getting my boy, Chucky for his new owners in Taiwan.

They made an offer I could not refuse. LOL. I guess the old verse is correct. "everything is for sale, except integrity"

However, I have learned my lesson. Stick to Training and Working sections. Period. LOL.

PS. Thank you those that PMed me and e mailed me. It is cool that I am actually helping with training issues and it has made a difference.
I am so glad you stayed!
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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