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Help...alergies-pink skin

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Hello everyone, i have been following these forums for little bit over a month now and really like it alot. everyone has alot of great info and is really down to earth. we my girlfriend and i adopted an american bulldog over a month ago and is atad bit over 1 year old. he is white with large black spots and about 65lbs. Once we got him home and situated we noticed that he was sneezing alot and inching him self all over. so we took him to the vet and they said he prolly just has alergies. the vet told us to go by some benadryl (25mg) twice a day. yes this has def. helped alot. the issue we need everyone help about is that around his eyes get really pink. does anyone know why this happens and what is wrong with him if anything. also is this normal with this breed. i also noticed that around his mouth is pinkish. i think its his skin but not sure. any help would be totally awesome!!!!!!

thnaks a milliom all!

pics of diesel to be posted soon

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We have the same issues with our AB. She is all white. We use Benadryl for her allergies, which helps, but as soon as she goes outside she comes in and her muzzle and eyes are bright red.

We are pretty sure she is allergic to weeds/grasses, wheat and possibly dairy. We have tried many different food and
her little eyes and muzzle are always red when allergy season is upon us. She seems to do best with DVP or Kirland Brand Lamb and Rice.

With the sun coming out she is also extremely sensetive to the sun, so we must use sunscreen on her.
As far as I know this is pretty typical for the breed.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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