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Yemi said:
Hi all I am wondering if you could give me some advice, well my friend actually

:roll: Yeah it's one of though's "My friend has a problem" questions :lol:

Anyway her dog is three years old (it's not a bully breed)

When she takes it out for walks it goes off it's lead (in the park) and returns when asked to do so. However it will escape from the house and back garden every time some one leaves a door open and will not come back when called.

My friend thinks Lilly enjoys the chase she gets when she escapes. Leaving her to return of her own free will is not an option as they live near roads and Lilly has nearly been run over once. My poor friend is really stressed about this and asked me for some advice. I really didn't know what to advice so I thought I would ask you lot

Your friend needs to fence her yard or some enclosure around one of her doors to stop her dog from running out. Also she needs to train her dog to 'wait' at the door or put her dog on leash when she opens the door. This dog has learned this habit as surely as if she had been trained to do it so I wouldn't keep letting her do it.

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