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Help.. I dunno what to do.

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Ok guys I am getting ready to freak out and take carter to the vet now for the 4th time in 2 weeks.

I took him last sat. and they gave him a shot becuase the lady said that he has a large amount of round and hook worms. None hav ecome out in his poop and today his stomache is HUGE. Is he going to die if this keeps up? Im scared they are going to kill him. Can he die from these damn worms? Why the hell arent they coming out!?!?!?!? i cant take this anymore. I cant stand see this puppy sick the way he is. I'm really worried about him. I dunno how much more of this bull shit I can take.
that F*ckin breeder needs to rot in hell. :evil:

What am I suppose to do. I went out and bought more worming tablets to do myself... but i am holding off. I dont wanna make it worse.

Anyone know if its suppose to still get bigger (his belly) did u ever have this experience?!?!
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Poor Pup! I've never had to deal with worms with my dog.But it does seem a little odd. I would call the vet to ask about it to be on the safe side.
Definitely get a second opinion. Call another vet and see what they say.
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