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this really angers me!

How DARE he call you names... you are only doing what they are teaching you!!!

Our trainers at OB school are pretty good... but there is one old lady trainer - TRISH - "whose been training dogs for 28 years" who is just SO rude and blunt... she has made one girl walk off in a huff with her puppy, never to return.

2 weeks ago, Trish told me off because my hair was not tied up...... ummmm it was WINDY and i didn't have a hair clip with me. She told me not to bother coming to training if my hair was obstructing my view!
She also told me never to wear my engagement and wedding bands to training because they may get lost in the field.... the way she said it was like i was a vain woman for wearing my rings to training! ( I NEVER TAKE THEM OFF!!!! I EVEN WENT SNORKELLING IN HAWAII WEARING THEM!)

She also YELLED at another girl because she gave her Bull mastiff X great Dane a hit on the bum for being naughty... she said if we were going to hit our dogs, do it off the ground, not at her training class...... this girl demanded a refund and left the premises... she wasn't at training yesterday..

Trish also told me that I need to be careful with Patch because Staffy's are an aggressive breed and could turn at any moment! This came from a lady whose Border Collie almost ATTACKED my Patch on day one of training!
Her justification for this comment - she has been attacked by pitt-bulls 3 times in her life.

I then quoted her Australian Statistics.... which show that the top 5 breeds for dog attacks in this country are from Border Collies, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shephards, and cattle dogs!

This woman is SO pig-headed... she turned me off training. to tell you the truth, I sense that none of the other trainers like her either... but can't get rid of her cos she's been around so long and is a volunteer.

Lucky i haven't had her class since... and we've been pretty lucky with some really nice instructors!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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