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Help me pick one!!

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As most of you know Chad and I have been on the look out for a new pup, as Bruno is going in later this week to be put down, due to bone cancer :(

Anyways I have been looking into good breeders, but I got a phone call from a friend of mine who works at the SPCA in Edmonton. She got a call about some AB pups that are going to be dropped off there if they don't find homes for these pups.

I am thinking about getting one, Help me pick

This isn't for sure, we are just thinking about it.

Female 1

Female 2

Female 3

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Of course temperament and health are the most important things to consider, but going on looks alone, I voted for the first one. :)
Well you didn't have an option for "all of the above" so I voted for female 1. :) Of course that's just based on looks alone.. the rest is up to you and how you interact with them!
Its was tough between 1 and too but i gotta say 1
I only wanted to add that number two may get you into sun issues.....I like all of them though, I chose 3 because of his markings, it's hard to tell...I think we need more photos :lol:
I picked 3 as well!! Such cuties!
So Female 2 the all white one has been adopted out.

If I go this route I have to trust my friend on picking the pup, cause I won't get to meet them, the pup will have to be shipped.

I asked my friend a bunch of questions, we aren't going to know much about the health as they are were bred by irresponsible people, otherwise they wouldn't be up for adoption. The weird thing is, that they are registered, the papers should be in, in about a week.

Anyways, Female 3 is the outgoing one, she was the first to come running to my friend. She is smaller more pitty looking. Female 1 was really friendly as well, she was alot bigger,and the dominant one of the bunch. My friend who is experienced with bully breeds said that they are both really nice pups, well socialized and have been around kids since day one.

I think I am leaning towards Female 3. She is the more submissive one, but still really friendly and confident, and she is smaller, which I like.
gosh they are stinkin adorable!!!!

its a tuffy but i picked #3
They are all so cute. but i like the first one. it must be a hard choice.
Yeah, its tuff.

I don't know what to do. I really wanted to buy a pup from good breeders. But I can't stand to let these pups go to the pound with out a good shot at life.
Number 1! :D I know what you mean about getting a dog from a good breeder vs. a rescue. We are contemplating the same thing. We want to rescue a dog yet we want a dog that we know will probably have minimal health issues and a solid temp.
I pick #3 but I would take any of them. I want one so when you give your friend your address to ship her give her mine instead :wink: I want a pup for Moose and it must be female but it has to come here on it's own so that my husband has no choice but to keep it.
I chose #3..I can't really see all of #1 face but I really think #3 is gonna be a looker. I always liked the quiet type too.
i want all the puppies! woo hoo!

but i voted for 1

Cute and white...like my little(big) baby!!
How can you pick

I got mine at the mspaca after we put our Rottweiler down this sept due to cancer same situation from a friend that worked there
we couldn't choose so we adopted both the brothers I am awful I love em all

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It's so hard to tell because I think the angle is better in #1. If the personality sounds better in #3, I would definitly go with her. All of them are completely irresistable and whichever one you choose, you'll fall in love with. I think you should go with the one that is most compatible with Dozer's personality.
All of them are so cute, there's something about #1 though
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