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Oh my goodness I am so mad! Ok Harley is in heat and there is this medium sized male dog that has been running around our neighborhood for about 2 weeks. Well for the last 2 nights shes been running around. I called the shelter as I used to work there and it's 9PM so of course noone is there. So I called the humane officer as I new I could reach him at home and unless I catch it they won't come to get it. But anyways it climbed on top of my dog and I ripped her awy from him and he shot fross liquid all over my porch. Is she gonna get pregnant? Shes scheduled to be spayed on the 30th of January. I am a responsible pet owner and I have to deal with irresponsible pet owners that let their dogs run the streets. LAst night this dog chased some girl up on my porch and she was scared to death. I just don't know what to do because I can't even take Harley outside to go to the bathroom.

:cry: Kelly :x
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Like Kasco said you can spay your dog regardless if she is pregnant. It is SO early on it won't matter, but let the vet know anyways. Good luck.
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