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Help! Red bump in between toes!

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We just noticed there is a red cyst looking bump between the toes of Luna's back paw. Does anybody know what this could be? Dog breed Fawn Snout Toe Foot

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Interdigital cyst. Assuming you pup has no allergies or skin conditions. My Angel had this last winter. Size of a pea....i had a friggin heart attack! Took her to the vet, he squeezed it and gave her some anti biotic and good as new. Does your pup seem in pain at all?
No, at least to the touch. If I poke it with my finger she doesn't react at all. I hope that means its a good sign

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I think its ok. Quick trip to the vet to make sure and you should be good to go.
Oh and its very common in bulldogs fyi. Let us know what happens! Prayers for quick healing!
Bulldogz.Com - Interdigital Cysts

just google, you will find lots of info . . .

Griff had one when we got him, he also had ear infection & skin issues . . . He had the cyst for a month or more . . . I give them a capful of apple cider vinegar in their water and I started putting teatree oil on his paws/cyst . . . so he would lick his feet and also ingest the teatree . . . it went away and he has never gotten any more . . .

good luck
Well here's an update...

We put hydrogen peroxide on it and dabbed with a q-tip around the base of the cyst. We then put neosporin on it for a few hours. Then before we went to bed we used witch hazel to clean it.

When we woke up this morning it was about half the size! Such a relief! I will post a photo later today.

Thanks for the help everyone!
Love when that happens! Simple solutions. Hopefully no vet visit needed then.
Yea. We are going to keep an eye on it over the weekend and if it gets any worse, we will take her to the vet on monday.
I want to share the site where I found at home remedies for the cyst...

Treating Canine Interdigital Cysts at Home | FrogDog Blog
Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear there is improvement already!

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