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Need some help with skin problems
I took Rue to the vet for puppy shots and was soppose to see a vet tech for the shots
but there was a emergercy with a goat in the back and everyone was busy so my vet gave the shots without the cost of a office call
I ask her about the redish rash around Rue's face with a oder she didn't have time to do a skin scrape (with the emergency in the back going on) so she put both dogs Pinkie and Rue on Cephalexin 250 mg for Rue 500 mg for Pinkie also Googwinol ointment
the problem is when I put the ointment on the dogs it seemed to make the redish patches reder and they licked each other trying to get it off each other
The meds (they have each had 2 pills) gave them loose stools but not to bad Is this normal? (I don't want to have to call the vet at home so any info would be good)
Back ground info Pinkie had Demodex mange when I first adopted her Is it possible it came back again and has transfered it to Rue?? or do ya think this is some other type of skin condition?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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