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I am very computer illiterate so please help me figure out how to put a picture under my name and put up a banner. I read the instructions and I'm still lost. Or can I send someone the pictures I want and they can do it for me. Thanx

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Photobucket is a free account and one that most of us use.
You can upload your photos into photo bucket then, copy the IMG
or URL line and then go back to your profile and paste it at the bottom into the
Avatar space. Hit submit. Just make sure you do not have your picture
to large for the Avatar. Photobucket will resize automatically, but if it is
too big to start with, it cannot always downsize that much.

If you are needing a banner, then go to the banner sticky and put in a
request for someone to make you a banner and include in your post, the pictures that
you would like them to use. Do this by uploading the pictures into photobucket and
then copying the IMG line and pasting the line into your post. Do this for each pic.
Also include any color suggestions you may have for the background. Good Luck.
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