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Hemi (pic heavy)

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I'm new to the forum and just thought I'd post some pics of my boy :)

Here is a slide show to start out with......

3 months

5 months

7 months

10 months

11.5 months

His stats are...

height- 18.5 inches
weight- 77.8lbs
head- 22in
DOB- 11/15/05
Registry- 'PR' UKC and ABKC
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LegendsMami said:
Handsome Hemi is here! :D

....lol You know it :wink:
Thank You!

I bought it at a bully expo i went to this summer here in Ohio. Here is the link to the kennel that sells them. Its the "gator collar" about three down......
Awww! Thanks everybody for the compliments on my baby boy!

Hey Kyle! You've got a Hemi too ...lmao :p
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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