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Here Are The New Puppies!! (Hopefully)

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I'm So Excited That One of The Beautiful Pups is My Little Girl...

Baby Girl #1

BabyGirl #2

Baby Girl #3

We can't make our choices until January 21st!! But I Have 2nd Pick! =)
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OMG..I DID IT!!! Thank You SOOO Much Brittles Mom!
Me Too! She's Definitely My First Choice.. Hopefully First Pick Wants An All White Puppy.. =)
If I End Up With An All White Little Girl I Can Only Hope She Turns Out To Be as Gorgeous As Celeste! That's One Pretty Baby You've Got There!! :D :D
Aww, Dottie is a cute name! But whichever pup we get she'll be named Dayzie! I've already made a scrap book for all her firsts (birthday, bath, xmas, walk, grauation from puppy school, etc). The pages are done now all I need are pictures! and I've made her a baby blanket with the name DAYZIE stictched into it. My husbad thinks I'm nuts but I'm just excited! We've been looking for the right pup for the past 2 years!! Plus being a house wife can get a lil boring..lol! I'm sure she'll change that though. Pretty soon I'll be chasing a puppy around all day.. :D
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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