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Re: what the vet said

shirley42 said:
after so many skin scrapes and biopsys the vet said it was demedox mange gave him advecate which i placed on him only for what you saw in the picture all his fur dropped out i took him back every two weeks untill the vet said he was cured and his fur might not return as the folical might not be able to recover now you know why i dont take him for walks as people like yourselves slander and think his being not well treated hes cost me £400.00 in vet fees and for the vet to say you might have to live with his fur like this i wish i never showed you now read all my threads people who know me understand
Just one question: Who's slandering you? Most just said to only post one thread on a topic and take him to a vet...maybe another vet.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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