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Hey guys!

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Hey everyone! From NC and will be getting "Hemi" this Friday. He'll be 9 wks when I get him.
Here are some photos of him. The breeder says that him and 3 others and the top pups in the litter.
From the pics he seems to listen?! LOL -
they also say that he is paper trained.....not really excited about that but I think I can make it workout to be a "outside" pooper.

This is my first dog, that my parents didnt buy, if you will.

Nervous as I am hopin I can train him "right"

what you guys think?

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Welcome! He is adorable! And I love the name Hemi. That's great! :D
welcome!!! wat a cute lil pup!! he's gonna have a huge head!!!! hehe
Love his colour! :)
He's a cuttie :wink: ...
Congrats, Im getting my AB in a few weeks to. I know your excited.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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